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Member of the International Academies "GRECI - MARINO" and "DEL - VERBANO"      
- ART Section - 
( as proposed by Mme Dominique LE  MAGOAROU - President delegate - FRANCE).

After a long carreer spent overseas, I have dedicated myself to a hobby I had been impatient for so long to practice : painting. All along my travels, I took thousands of photographs with the idea to use them some day as a source for the subjects of my paintings to come. Some examples of this work are  presented inside the galleries in this website. 

At a certain point, an accidental encounter with an artist in Rennes opened a new horizon : the reproduction of works painted by Masters whom we both loved. This adventure started with Modigliani who seemed rather neglected at that time, it continued  with  Berthe Morisot, Manet, Gauguin, Van Gogh and  Caillebotte to whom we dedicated an exclusive website : www.gustave-caillebotte.fr .   I personnally continue working on copies on a regular basis, as I consider this  to be a useful, though demanding, training. The result of these efforts, and of those of my friend and partner Jonte Tychman, can be seen on my other website www.art-katroz.com which  exclusively shows copies.

Later, we welcomed in our group a talented smith artist, Laëtitia Laviéville, whose works are presented in the gallery recently launched on this website.

As for me, I at times also paint with the palette knife, which results in a very different range of paintings, bursting in bright colours and generous in thickness :  some of them are also presented in the present galleries.  


I am not  painting on an "industrial" scale because I paint only for my pleasure. Nevertheless, as time goes on, the paintings are accumulating and that's the reason why I am presenting them here.  These paintings are therefore available (with the exception of most of the portraits) to  anyone who can benefit from them, including private individuals, businesses, hotels and restaurants, professional decorators, cinema and TV industry, libraries, schools, publishers, cultural centers, public and  private exhibits and other special events. 

Should you be interested, please contact me by means of the questionnaire which you can open up by clicking on the green A question please ! button on each page. In order to avoid spamming, I am  obliged  not to show my e-mail address on this website, so this questionnaire is the only means by which to join me .... 

                                            ... so please do not forget to type your e-mail address if a reply is desired !




All information as well as the images on this site can be downloaded, reproduced, or printed, providing that :

- they be used for personal purposes and in no way commercial,

- none of the material from this website be modified or altered in any way,

- all copies made from this material show the following mention : " copyright Katroz ".

All other usage  is strictly forbidden without advance authorization in writing from Katroz.

Katroz is a registered trademark.

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4, Rue du Capitaine Maignan

35000  RENNES


SIRET : 514 569 664 00014

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